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Thousand Cankers Disease: Methods and Research and Development Needs Assessment

General Agenda

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Holiday Inn Lafayette City Centre
Lafayette, Indiana

Goal: Protect the black walnut (and other Juglans) natural resources of the United States.

Objectives: Identify research and technology development needs for an integrated pest management program for the Thousand Cankers Disease complex (Pityophthorus juglandis and Geosmithia morbida). Assess currently available management tools and develop a multi-year prioritized work plan and budget for research and technology development that will lead to the tools and understanding needed to sustain Juglans health in the United States.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Time Topic Moderators
or Speakers
6:00 pm Reception in the Holiday Inn 2nd floor mezzanine

Hosted by the Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Time Topic Moderators
or Speakers
7:30 Registration
8:30 Welcome/Meeting Goal Manfred Mielke
Nancy Walters

Purpose: To develop consensus around the technology development, methods improvement and research needed over the next 5 years to protect Juglans spp. from Thousand Cankers Disease.

Outcomes: Black walnut and other Juglans spp. will be afforded greater protection from disease as scientists and professionals maintain and shift their programs in response to clearly stated needs for methods and research and development.

9:00 History and Current Status of TCD Bruce Moltzan

Purpose: To provide an overview of where we started, how far we've come, how much money spent, where we hope today's information will get us.

9:30 The Imperative
Industry's View Grafton Cook
Brian Hammons
Landowner's View Harlan Palm

Purpose: To create the compelling call for action to protect Juglans spp. from TCD.

10:05 Refreshment Break
10:30 Status and Initial Thoughts on Needs

Purpose: To provide an overview of current research and perceived needs in the next 5 years for each category of research that will serve as a platform for small group discussion


Category 1: Basic Biology and Chemical Ecology of walnut twig beetle and Survey, Detection, and Rate and Nature of TCD Spread/Distribution
Insect, host physiology and response, spread rate, genetics, climate, environmental factors

Steve Seybold

Category 2: Basic Biology and Ecology of Geosmithia morbida fungus
Spread rate, genetics, climate, environmental factors, role of Geosmithia and associated fungi

Ned Tisserat

Category 3: Prediction of Risk AND factors contributing to walnut mortality/Estimation/Prediction of TCD impact
Ecological, social, economic, wildlife, vegetation changes, modeling, risk assessments, monitoring, survey tools

Marla Downing

Category 4: Management and Control of TCD
Biocontrol, pesticides/fungicides and pesticide/fungicide testing, IPM framework, restoration, arborist/homeowner needs, infested wood treatment, forest sustainability issues, sanitation, industry processing, walnut host resistance

Jerome Grant
12:10 Lunch (box lunches in the room)
12:45 Exploring the Needs

Purpose: To give all participants a chance to have input into what research, methods, and technology development will be important to pursue over the next 5 years.

3:00 Refreshment Break
3:30 Small Group Highlights

Purpose: To hear a summary of the needs expressed by the collective group with an indication of those that rose to the top as being most important.

Small Group Leaders
Category 1: Matt Ginzel and Nikki VanDerLaan-Hannon
Category 2: Jennifer Juzwik and Nick LaBonte
Category 3: Kurt Gottschalk and Micah Stevens
Category 4: Bud Mayfield and Kate Zellers

4:30 Ranking the Needs
To allow the whole group to weigh in what needs are most important across all categories of needs.
"What are the most important investments we could make to protect Juglans spp. against TCD in the next 5 years?"

4:45 Wrap-up and reflect on final consensus Manfred Mielke
Bruce Moltzan
5:00 Adjourn

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